America Remembers


“America Remembers” are live musical performances that are both entertaining and a musical trip down memory lane. Both of the shows (“A Musical Tribute” and “One More Time”) feature popular and patriotic songs from the early 20th Century. Because of the expense and sponsorships involved, America Remembers shows are normally performed in front of audiences of 200 or more.

The cast of America Remembers consists of vocalists and musicians from the Greater Phoenix Area. The vocalists perform solos as well as harmonizing in duets and c chorus numbers. They are backed by an ensemble of talented and professional musicians.

The primary purpose of staging America Remembers shows is to generate charitable contributions for deserving 501(C)(3) military related charities such as “Wish for Our Heroes.” However, there are certain expenses associated with the staging of each show which must be covered. Funding for America Remembers shows can be handled in several ways.

1) Full Sponsorship – One or more sponsors are often secured to cover the expenses associated with staging the show. Result – 100% of proceeds derived from the show (ticket sales/contributions) are donated to  designated charities as previously agreed to by AMC Intl. LLC and the hosting organization. America Remembers shows are a good way for charities to collaborate on fund raising efforts. In the case where tickets are sold with 100% going to charities, the full price of the ticket is tax deductible to the purchaser.

2) Ticket Sales – Tickets sold both in advance and at the door can be the sole source of funding for show expenses and charitable donations. Based on anticipated show attendance, ticket prices are agreed to in advance by AMC Intl. LLC and the hosting organization. Once show expenses are covered, the balance of the funds are donated to Wish for Our Heroes and/or other designated charities as previously agreed to by AMC Intl. LLC and the hosting organization. The donated amount relative to each ticket is tax deductible to the purchaser.

3) Combination Funding (Sponsorship and Ticket Sales/Contributions) – If it appears that a sponsor or sponsors are not going to be able to fully fund the expense of the show, either tickets or freewill contributions may be used to first cover expenses before making any charitable donations.

America Remembers shows are also performed on behalf of military and veterans organizations at both private and public events. The expenses of these shows are also normally covered by sponsorships. In this case, the charitable contribution from the show is not financial but provided as a public service tribute to America.