W4OH – National

The Wish for Our Heroes’ National Headquarters is located in Noblesvill, Indiana, which is just outside of Indianapolis. Other Wish for Our Heroes regional operations are centered in San Antonio, Texas and near Phoenix, Arizona. We have only one paid employee – every other team member is a volunteer, and our volunteers are very generous with the time they donate.

One of the biggest things that sets us apart from other charities is our ratio (admin & fundraising costs divided by total revenue). The gold standard for charities is to operate at 90%, meaning 10% goes to administrative and fundraising costs, and the remaining amount goes where funds are truly needed. Most of the better-known charities realistically operate at 70-80%, so up to 30% of the funds they bring in, is actually distributed other places – salaries, elaborate events, ad campaigns, etc. We operate at 95%, which is unheard of, particularly for a young organization.