The “Vets4Music” program is still in the state of developement with regards to determining potential sponsors and support organizations.

Vets4Music was initially founded in 2011 by a Desert Storm/Desert Shield veteran who’s vision was to promote the desires and abilities, as well as the health and welfare of military veterans through the sharing and performing of their music. Both vocalists and instrumentalists are welcomed as participants

As conceptualized, veterans of the U.S. Military would be invited to participate as mentors, students, performers, and/or performance support personnel.

Specific objectives of the Vets4Music program include:
1. Providing veterans with venues for performing their musical talents
2. Enabling veterans to both enhance and expand on their musical abilities
3. Establishing a positive atmosphere where music is utilized to facilitate stress reduction in Veterans and their successful reintegration back into the community and civilian life
4. Creating opportunities for veterans to assist and share their musical abilities and talents with other veterans.

Strategies for accomplishing Vets4Music objectives include:
1. Open mic opportunities
2. Jam sessions
3. Musical venues
4. One on one tutorials
5. Guest performances as part of America Remembers and other shows