Programs and Initiatives

Conductor Pic“America Remembers”

Gary Alexander (AMC Intl. LLC) is the producer and director of “America Remembers” shows:  - “A Musical Tribute” and “One More Time.” The live, one and two hour “A Musical Tribute” performances, feature music from the early through mid-1900′s as well as a patriotic salute to America and our U.S. Armed Forces. The shows are performed in support of U.S. military veterans, members on active duty and their families.

Under development is a second show (“America Remembers – One More Time”) which also features classic 1900′s music. The “One More Time” show  is designed to be more adaptable to smaller venues and in conjunction with other events.



It is no secret that America’s military veterans often struggle with their return to community life and their families. Many of them have been asked to sacrifice and endure heavy burdens through personally traumatic experiences and multiple deployments. One way to help with a veteran’s transition and reintegration back into the community is through returning to pre-deployment activities such as music.

During the summer of 2013, AMC Intl. assumed the leadership for the Vets4Music program that was previously initiated but never fully implemented. We are currently looking for a sponsoring organization.


“For Which I Stand”

Also under development is a patriotic program based on the Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. The program is currently under development.